Information pertaining to the Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations update will be archived on this page for public review and convenience.

Approved Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations as of October 2018

Legislative Draft as of April 2018
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  1. I can’t access the information on the resources page. I can hover over the drop down menu (FAQ, consultant documents, staff reports, etc.) but the information won’t load after clicking on it. Thanks.

  2. How to obtain copies of Rezoning Applications, documentation of notes, records, and the names of all parts involved in the decisions processing to approve the community rezoning request within another community mapping zone?

  3. How to obtain copies a communities rezoning applications, documentation of notes, records of recordings, minutes, and names of parties involved – all zoning committees involved in the decisions processing to approve the community rezoning request within another community’s mapping zone?

    • Good afternoon Ms. Henney. Apologies for any inconveniences you have experienced navigating this website. The Zoning Rewrite project site does not yet host any zoning maps. Please visit our online mapping tool,, to see current zoning and other information. Thank you.

  4. Can you give me information on Kentland/Palmer Park and what revitalizations are coming to our neighborhood? Ive been attending meeting and am very exciting to see how this neighborhood improves from the new zoning etc.


    Misty Roane

  5. My main questions are related to possible future land/lot splitting for a future building lot? Bowie my have more restricting zoning requirements than PG?
    Has any of the restrictions such as frontage of road & land /lot size been changed to more restricted and are there grandfathered older requirements?

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