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  1. Hello,

    Residents in the Kentland TNI area are greatly anticipating the re-development of the Dodge Park Rd. & Kentland Shopping Centers. A since of pride will come to our residents when we’re able to have businesses that contribute to our overall health and safety. The introduction of a new grocery store, like Safeway instead of the overpriced, dirty, smelly IGA is also greatly needed.

    The monopolization of beauty supply stores, carry outs, liquor stores, pollution causing dry cleaners and nail salons have caused our community to be plagued with the same stores at both shopping centers, that don’t provide any health and safety benefits to our community. I personally am excited to see the anticipated development as stated on the March 2017 approved zoning and re-development plan.

    I’ve been inquiring about the re-development of the Dodge Park/Kentland shopping centers for over 4 years but have always been told that none can make the owner do anything or someones he knows is sick so he won’t do anything. So I’m wondering is he the Almighty God or President Trump ?? If I was working at your office I would show the community how valuable and smart your office is by enforcing “eminent domain” as well as land use laws to either get the owner out or make him rent to various businesses not just the same ones we have. Providing residents an opportunity to bring our businesses to the community we “actually” live in is greatly needed and warranted.

    Lastly, doesn’t matter how many meetings the TNI office have or houses you fix , if we don’t get rid of these stores that offer no benefit to the community , the Kentland Community will go right back down.


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