Technical Staff Analysis of Stakeholder Comments on Module 2 Available!

Community participation is a key component of creating a zoning ordinance that supports the desires of everyone in our County. Since launching in 2013, the Zoning Rewrite team has consistently worked to collect and incorporate the input of all stakeholders. We have accomplished this through an extensive effort to meet with community members where they are. We’ve also worked to provide multiple channels to collect and respond to stakeholder input. To date, we’ve received more than 500 letters, emails, social media responses, and compiled comments made during meetings or on meeting evaluation forms.

A major goal of updating the County’s zoning ordinance is restoring the community’s trust in the development review process in Prince George’s County. Our team is committed to being transparent, in order to help rebuild trust. Community conversations are a two-sided exchange that requires questions and answers from all parties. In that spirit, we are excited to release the Technical Staff Analysis of Comments received on Module 2: Development Standards and Public Facilities Adequacy of the Zoning Rewrite.

This analysis contains community stakeholder comments received by staff as of the date of its compilation (January 2017). These comments were analyzed by staff, which then offered recommendations for how the Clarion Associates team should address the comment in the production of the Comprehensive Review Draft.

It is important to note, that this document is not exhaustive of all of the feedback that our team has received from the public. Each day, our team continues to receive and analyze the suggestions and ideas that we receive.  Community members can continue to provide feedback on each of the draft modules, however, these comments will be incorporated as revisions into a subsequent draft.

For additional questions about the Technical Staff Analysis of Module 2, contact the Zoning Rewrite team at

Download the Technical Staff Analysis of Comments received on Module 2.