PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY DEVELOPMENT 3.0 – Developer Interview Report

Mosaic Urban Partners conducted several in depth interviews with Prince George’s County Developers as research for the Prince George’s County Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations Rewrite. Mosaic Urban Partners believes that the qualitative insights in this Report will be very helpful as the Zoning Rewrite proceeds towards adoption and implementation.

The goal of the Prince George’s County Developer Interviews is to provide additional qualitative insights on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges of developing high-quality projects in Prince George’s County. The results reflect developers’ comparative thoughts and are intended to provide the County Council with insight on how Prince George’s development and entitlement process compare with neighboring jurisdictions.

Developers interviewed for this report include:

  • Berman Enterprises
  • Bozzuto Group
  •  Dantes Partners
  • EYA
  • Forest City
  • Jackson Shaw
  • Jair Lynch Real Estate Partners
  • Petrie Richardson Ventures
  • Urban Atlantic

These developers represent a broad spectrum of company sizes, development product types, and experience in the County and within the region and provide specific ideas and recommendations for increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the County’s development process. The Zoning Rewrite will build upon all of the great progress the County has made – both the administrative and political level – to be a magnet for high-quality development and developers in the region.

Read the final report here