NEXT STEPS for the Zoning Rewrite

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In December 2014, Clarion Associates released the Evaluation and Recommendations Report. This document was intended to serve as a catalyst for community discussion concerning ideas to improve the County’s zoning and subdivision approval system.

This goal was achieved as many stakeholders came to our scheduled events prepared with questions and ideas. More than 55 meetings have been held with civic associations, non-profit organizations, local municipalities, and government agencies to discuss the pros and cons of the report’s recommendations.

Overwhelmingly, stakeholders agreed that the proposals presented by Clarion Associates would improve the current zoning and subdivision codes, while also withholding judgment on some of the recommendations (such as eliminating council “call-up” procedures and shifting more types of applications to administration review) until more details are available. Now the heavy lifting of drafting the County’s NEW Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations can begin.

Here’s how it will take place. Over the next two years Clarion Associates will prepare three individual modules, conduct public review of the module, synthesize the public’s comments in writing, prepare staff/consultant recommendations on the suggested changes, and then get direction from the decision makers on the suggested changes.

If you are wondering why the new laws are being prepared in this manner, the primary reason is that the code and the modules are interrelated. As each individual module is drafted, changes will most likely need to be made in the other modules. Incorporating changes from previous modules into this process complicates the rewrite process since many times changes are revised again at later stages. Therefore, it is better to address and incorporate all appropriate revisions at the same time.

Clarion Associates has drafted more than 120 codes throughout the nation and these experiences have led to good practices and ideas on the most effective ways to rewrite local legislation.

Download a copy of the Final Phasing Plan Summary for additional details about the next steps of the drafting of the County’s new Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations.

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