Module 2: Development Standards is Available for Review and Comment

Have you ever wondered how neighborhoods become more pedestrian- and bike-friendly? Or maybe you wondered how development standards can be improved? The Prince George’s County Planning Department invites you to learn more about Module 2 and how it features key elements that help shape our communities and neighborhoods in the 21st Century.

This spring, County residents will be introduced to the second step in drafting a new Zoning Ordinance with the release of Module 2-development and subdivision standards-for review and comment. Module 2, presented by Clarion Associates, address important parts of our built environment, such as neighborhood compatibility standards new development must comply with to protect existing communities, landscaping, open space, connectivity, parking, signage, and lighting standards.

Additionally, it addresses adequacy of our public facilities such as roadways, schools, parks and recreation facilities and strengthened collaboration with other agencies to ensure high-quality, pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly street designs in our communities. Module 2 also includes standards and incentives for green and sustainable development. This is the second major step in drafting a 21st Century Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations for Prince George’s County.

Module 2 contains three important sections of the Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations Rewrite.

  • Division 27-5: Development Standards and relevant definitions (download)
  • Division 24-3: Adequacy of Public Facilities and relevant definitions (download)
  • Prince George’s County Landscape Manual (download)

You can also provide interactive, public input through OpenComment, at