Module 1 available for review

The Zoning Rewrite team is pleased to present the first part of the Clarion Associates recommendations for a brand new Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations for Prince George’s County. This is the first of three parts, known as Module 1 and contains new zones, zone standards, use regulations, and some initial rules of interpretations and definitions.

Clarion Associates’ recommendations are based on national best practices that draw on the most effective approaches to zoning, subdivision, community involvement, and development used by jurisdictions similar to Prince George’s County. After fifty years of using the current Zoning Ordinance, and thirty years with the current Subdivision Regulations, the County has identified many issues with our current zoning and subdivision laws. The Clarion team continues to work toward a brighter future for the County, specifically designing a new set of laws for Prince George’s County to meet our goals of:

  • Maximizing economic development potential and expanding the County’s tax base
  • Increasing certainty of process
  • Enhancing community input in the development process
  • Protecting established communities
  • Streamlining development procedures
  • Modernizing regulations

As you can see below, Module 1 is available in two different versions. The first version comes complete with numerous footnotes and endnotes that explain the Clarion team rationale for their decisions, changes, and recommendations.

The second version is more concise in that it eliminates the footnotes and endnotes to present a more accurate picture of what the future Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations of Prince George’s County will look like when complete in 2017. Both versions contain numerous graphics, charts, and diagrams; clear section breaks, consistent headers, and balanced blank spaces that make for a much more readable document than today’s laws.

Please choose the version that works best for your needs, and join the conversation!

Module 1: Zones and Use Regulations (with footnotes)

Module 1: Zones and Use Regulations (without footnotes)

Module 1: Zone and Use Regulations Executive Summary


Module 1: Zone and Use Regulations Errata Sheet