Other Base Zones

    The four Other Base Zones serve unique purposes, providing for smooth transitions between obsolete zones and the new Zoning Ordinance. These zones are legacy zones, preserving regulations and procedures for specific properties within the County that developed under a different set of rules than exist today. No property in the County can be rezoned as one of these legacy zones after the approval of the Countywide Map Amendment.

Accommodates existing mobile home communities.

Replaces nine prior Comprehensive Design Zones spanning a range of densities, intensities, and uses. Ensures properties continue to develop in accordance with prior approvals, development entitlements, and procedures.

Provides for a comprehensively planned community with a balanced mix of residential, commercial, light manufacturing, recreational and public uses; includes a multistep review process to assure compatibility of proposed land uses with existing and proposed surrounding land uses, public facilities and public services; mandates that each development include residential uses, community use areas, neighborhood centers and an integrated public street system with a variety of street standards.

Recognizes the County’s four designated Mixed-Use Town Center (M-U-TC) development plans and the M-U-TC Zone formerly approved for portions of the Town of Riverdale Park, Town of Brentwood, City of Mount Rainier, and unincorporated Suitland. Preserves the development plans and development entitlements approved under the M-U-TC Zone but standardizes and streamlines the local design review committee membership procedures and how applications are to be processed and reviewed.